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How to care for artificial grass

If you’ve already made the switch to artificial grass, chances are you’ve done so to avoid the sheer amount of maintenance that comes with a real lawn. With artificial grass you eradicate the need to spend the majority of your summer months caring, feeding and protecting your lawn, however, you still need to keep your artificial grass looking its best. Lucky for you, cleaning artificial grass is a simple process that requires minimal effort. In this blog, we’ve asked our experts for their top tips for maintaining your artificial lawn and spending your time actually enjoying your garden.

  • Remove debris


Use a stiff brush (we love our artificial grass Power Brush) to remove any leaves or other organic material that has made its way on to your lawn. We recommend trimming back any hedges or trees that hang over your lawn to minimise how many times you have to do this!

  • Brush your lawn


Although artificial grass is fairly self-cleaning, you might want to brush over your lawn every so often to give it that ‘fluffy’ realistic grass look. Again, a stiff brush is ideal for this.

  • Wash your lawn


Artificial grass is ideal for those with pets but we know that sometimes, you need more than just a poop-scooper to clean up after your four-legged friends! If your pet favours one spot more than others to do their business, clean regularly with a light detergent and a hose pipe.

  • Remove weeds


Even with a weed membrane underneath your artificial grass, your lawn is still susceptible to airborne seeds. Unlike natural lawns that need regular weeding, your artificial lawn shouldn’t need much more than a weed treatment twice a year.


How to avoid common damage to artificial lawns

Keeping your artificial lawn looking its best means keeping an eye out for items that could cause damage to its surface. Avoid mirrors and other reflective surfaces around artificial grass as the reflective properties may have an adverse effect on the artificial grass. BBQ’s and other heaters should NOT be placed directly on an artificial lawn due to the sheer amount of heat generated by them.

How to care for your artificial grass in winter

Having an artificial lawn means that you don’t have to spend your winter worrying about the condition of your lawn when the sun finally emerges. However, snow and ice can cause damage to your artificial grass if you don’t know how to maintain it properly.

If your grass is covered with ice, leave it alone until it is fully melted. The drainage properties of our artificial grass means that any excess water will simply drain away.

Snow should also be left alone as much as possible, however if you do need to remove any snow from your artificial grass you can do so if you’re careful. Use a shovel to gently take scoops of snow away from the area. Avoid using a digging motion with the shovel as it may damage the grass underneath. We recommend leaving a light layer on top and using a brush to remove this.

Caring for your official lawn doesn’t have to be taxing. Just like you would care for a carpet, you simply need to stay on top of it to enjoy a great lawn, all year round. Take a look at our artificial lawn accessories range for all the tools you need or for more tips on caring for your artificial lawn, chat to a member of the Grass Centre team today.

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